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Can cover sheets be part of an AIP?

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Cover sheets, if used, should strictly speaking be considered part of the DIP (Dissemination Information Package) under OAIS.

However, in a situation where the repository stores a single file (with cover sheet) as SIP, DIP and AIP, will doing this invalid OAIS-compliance?
asked Sep 10, 2014 by bernieh (590 points)

1 Answer

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No, this would not invalidate OAIS-compliance. Indeed, as OAIS is largely a conceptual information model, I think the only way to fail to comply would be to not have and DIP, AIP and SIP.

FWIW, in my opinion, the ideal 'first AIP' is the whole DIP with just enough wrapping to capture provenance and ensure fixity.

answered Sep 10, 2014 by anjackson (2,950 points)