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Could MarkDown support be added to this site?

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Would it be possible to add MarkDown support to this site? Personally I find the default WYSIWYG editor a bit awkward, and adding HTML tags directly doesn't work either.

Seeing that this site runs on Question2Answer, adding Markdown support would be a matter of installing this plugin:


I think this could greatly enhance this platform's overall usability.

asked Aug 27, 2014 by johanvanderknijff (2,060 points)

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So the short answer is yes, but it will have to wait until I've had chance to test it first on a virtualised version of the software / our instance. We're overhauling the organicly grown server setup here and it'll be fastest to test it as part of the new roll out which will be completed early November. The markdown install might happen a little sooner than that though.
answered Sep 22, 2014 by carl (460 points)
selected Oct 16, 2014 by johanvanderknijff