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What is a good tool for normalizing image file formats?

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We were going to use Adobe for file normalization, but the subscription is pricey. Instead of Adobe Audition, we can use Audacity for video files. Is there anyone who can recommend a tool for image file normalization?
asked Jan 29 by aalster (130 points)

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Depending on the file format(s) you're dealing with and whether you're comfortable with using command-line tools, ImageMagick might be worth a look:


Don't use this if you're using JP2/JPEG2000 though, as the software library ImageMagick is using for this (OpenJPEG) has some serious limitations that might result in losing things like ICC profiles and resolution information. On top of that I think JP2K support has been disabled by default for several years anyway, because of security issues in this library.

answered Jan 31 by johanvanderknijff (2,070 points)