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Does anyone have a procedure in place for redacting selected content (e.g. PII) from files that they can share?

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In addition, if you are using IdentityFinder, how are you making it work? We have been unable to get the "scrub" function to work in our copy.  If you are using some other tool, what is it?
asked Feb 7, 2018 by kussmann (160 points)

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I was just reminded about this site, and this is a horrendously late answer to this question, but it's a good question and comes up often. 

The advice that stuck with me was from my time at TNA, UK, and the most simple approach is to re-save your file as a simple image format and redact the information with black rectangles in the image editor. You'd then re-save the file without layers, so BMP is a good file format for this. I am reasonably sure JPEG would be just fine as well. 

You could then recreate a PDF in acrobat with the new images if need be. 

The National Archives UK have a redaction toolkit which goes into far more detail and may be of interest to the upvoters of this post. 

answered Oct 6, 2022 by ross-spencer (190 points)