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What are current best practices for acquiring & preserving Google Docs?

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What are current (2018) best practices for acquiring and preserving records created in Google's cloud platform?

In particular, are there methods that preserve the rich metadata around document creation, editing, and commenting that exist in the native apps?
asked Feb 5 by ChristiePeterson (580 points)

1 Answer

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Some background on Google docs. I haven't been able to get an example of a native google docs file. If you synced Google Drive to your computer, all '.gdocs' files are json files that only store the linke to the file in the editor.

I've found references to the data format as the kix format. It seems to be stored as a long series of diff operations. There's a great illustration of how this works here. http://features.jsomers.net/how-i-reverse-engineered-google-docs/

Jenny Mitcham experimented with exporting Google Docs into various formats and what the Takeout service does. http://digital-archiving.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/how-can-we-preserve-google-documents.html That's probably the best source of digipres knowledge on these formats at the moment.
answered Feb 5 by nkrabben (1,960 points)