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Is there any best practice/guidance on where to store, in METS, metadata about digitisation/digital creation processes?

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For digitised files, what is the best way to capture metadata about the digitisation process (equipment/software, settings, dates, operator names, etc) in METS? Should it be captured?

I'm not just thinking of image based digitisation, so a couple of example scenarios would be:

  1. Digitising a newspaper to a TIFF or JP2?
  2. "Digitising" sound content from carrier form to a WAVE file?

My thoughts were around using the <techMD> or <digiprovMD> elements, however neither seem to completely fit.

The LoC’s METS primer suggests "<techMD> records technical metadata about a component of the METS object, such as a digital content file” (http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets/METSPrimerRevised.pdf#page=41). So this appears to be aimed at the technical characteristics of the files being preserved.

Just below that, in the same document (http://www.loc.gov/standards/mets/METSPrimerRevised.pdf#page=43), is says the "<digiprovMD> can be used to record preservation-related actions taken on the various files which comprise a digital object (e.g., those subsequent to the initial digitization of the files such as transformation or migrations) or, in the case of born digital materials, the files' creation”. So for digitised material, this seems to be about actions *after* digitisation, not the digitisation itself. On the contrary, for born-digital content the wording implies it can be used to capture details of content creation.

Perhaps I've missed something obvious (or used the wrong search terms), but I'm not finding much in the way of digitisation provenance capture.

Does anyone else record such info in METS, and if so, how so?

asked Feb 7 by petemay (160 points)

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